Saturday, December 13, 2008

Anywhere Chairs

From Pottery Barn, we would like the everywhere chairs.

For Elliott: Dog Patch.

For the girls: the Red with navy Piping.

For their names: Monogram in White with the Garamond font.


Liz said...

Did Santa deliver? :)

Cat said...

Hi sweetie! I saw your question on my DIY post over at oh hello friend!

The answer is...YES! My only concern would be what the kiddos colored the paper with...I would suggest sticking to crayons or colored pencils, or permanent markers (not sure if you would want the kiddos and permanent markers mixing)...I only say this b/c I would be fearful that water soluble markets and the like may bleed when you seal it with the spray. I hope you enjoy the project!


ps. Hope you get this message!!!! Wasn't sure how else to contact you!

Cat said...

Of course, I meant MARKERS (not markets :))...sigh, that is what I get for typing like a race horse ;)

Have a great, crafty weekend!

xx Cat