Monday, October 27, 2008

Montasori Items

There are a few Montessori items I would love the babes to have. Below I put some web sites but anything like these items is fine. We only need one of these things, not a set of three.

Just a regular wooden tray, like you would serve breakfast in bed on.

The link below is for frames for tying, buttoning, buckling, etc. I think the babies would enjoy several of these.
If the link doesn't work the codes are 1001 through 1010.
The web site is Click on Order and then EPL.
dressing frames

Another Montessori item I think they'd like is a broom, dust pan, and hand broom.
I don't know how easy these are to find at a regular store.

The link below is for a floor cleaning set; it has three different types of brooms. The price is too much, but I thought it showed an idea.
floor cleaning set

The cheapest ones I found at a Montessori site are at
At the site right below you can get a hand broom and dust pan for $7
hand broom and dust pan

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